mercredi 29 février 2012

Pedagogical games

I write in this post on elements of language and pedagogy.
There are important and interesting points.
This is a pedagogical game, a constant adaptation of the teacher.
In every class is required instability, a change of place.
In chess move the pieces are differently.
Students are different and move differently every day.
For our online students must be greater sensitivity.

S. Dowens “ The challenge of pedagogy, indeed, is that learning is not simply remembering.
To teach is to model and demonstrate, to learn is to practice and reflect.
Both teaching and learning consist of talking about and of doing.
Theorizing and practicing."
About Language
“ The fundamental elements of written language – subjects and actions, objects, tenses and connections – are expressions of elements of our knowledge of the world.”

THE QUESTIONS about my activities

How does your learning artifact instantiate knowledge? And what is the knowledge Represents the artifact?
- The images represent the student the way they observe the world, and how you can make sense of their observations and  knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology and dance
In what way does the artifact replicate or emulate the experience and performance of a person who Already has this knowledge?
- Observe people's daily lives and how they move will entail recognizing notions already learned in class.
My school system is the e-learning .
What is the community around That knowledge?
How does the community learn?
- The comments and photos of students are different and each student can observe and talk about the image of the other student. 
And Literacy with links, photos, videos ...

mardi 28 février 2012

My activities - examples

I think activities for my real life ( my students) and #change11.
I chose artifacts, ideas and sharing

1- this is a fun blog, with three steps. Link
the evaluation occurred in class or blog.

2- #change11 link audio

lundi 27 février 2012

week 25 Activities - I

1- This week S. Dowens makes all use active learning
2- And a broadening of knowledge - Conectivism

Artefact  is "An object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest."
Artefacts of learning mobilizes students to the visibility of the process. (Constructionism) Here
I need a creative project for my students. Autonomy and creativity
In this week I don't want a blog or wiki, podcasts, videocasts.
Creative projects are activities to expand into the classroom to creat multi-modal learning (models and simulations) 
And I want a fun activity!

If I use the mobile technology, will be through the image, if I use the audition will be through the Ipod (Auditory analyzer), or pendrive (download archives)
To mobilize an audition, students will download a file with the criteria established for the activity.

I believe that our sense of vision is more accurate, often to the detriment of the audition. (Optical analyzer)
To image the activity with the student will be responsible for their choice, but to save the chosen theme.

and finally I must involve :

elements of language
pedagogy of conectivism

jeudi 23 février 2012

SAMWAAD or street of encounters

What is MOOC, a street of encounters.

the search for balance is difficult. I like the words of Jenny.

 Two experiences , in Education,  Geetha and Mitra.


Geetha Nayaranan  

The goal of our slowness pedagogy is to generate more creative, more lyrical and the playful aspects of learning and represent it in the many languages of children - the languages of movement or music; the languages of colours or shapes; the languages of images and of forms; the language of sounds and of feelings.

The significance of color in Western culture differs from the Eastern culture, for example, red indicates prohibitions, corrections, hazard and risk.

Last week I attended a different meeting, where the groups were subdivided in practice into groups and sub groups.

The groups, outdoors, were about photography, theater, poetry, music and dance.(without technology, but with creativity)

The goal was to mobilize a greater sensitivity of the group in relation to teaching and learning.

The practice was a successful -  my conclusion, the experience mobilizes new proposals, but put into practice is daunting for many.

But no one learns new habits in one day!

mercredi 22 février 2012


On my trip I photographed two small trees that caught my intention for his exuberance and today I read a story about the Hindu knowledge.
I like the three trees, colors, beauty, loneliness of being a tree that does not feed our body, because fruits do not have, but feed the soul.


mardi 21 février 2012

jeudi 16 février 2012

a breack for me

I'm tired because I was sick.
I remember  weeks of 2011,  January and Fabruary.
But I read several posts that were important to me. D. Cormier.
After 01 year MOOC ( cck11 , change11) I can say , I have good sources, with the small circle that formed  by read blogs.
The last week was sensational too. (P. Levy)
Sorry for my bad english...

mercredi 15 février 2012



However, when learners and educators have to fight the existing education system in order to learn and teach, it's time for dramatic change.Paterson,R

mardi 14 février 2012

Impact - II

My last article here. and here.  What is the evidence of impact? here and here

This is an interesting book, after all always question the application of technology with teachers and their contents.(here.)

Teachers'5 attitudes and beliefs also influence whether and how they integrate technology into their daily teaching plans (Ertmer, 200).

Many teachers simply do not believe that today's digital technologies will be any more effective than previous educational technologies promoted as solutions to educational problems.(Hattie, 2009)

- It is time for educational researchers and practitioners to collaborate in more effective approaches to solving educational problems.( Reeves, Change11)

at the site of University of Georgia College of Education against a workshop in 24.02
The other side of poverty in schools.

An intensive one-day workshop, participants will learn about the five principles for change to better meet the needs of working-class and poor students; develop research-based teaching practices sensitive to working-class and poor children and families; reflect on formative assessment of working-class and poor students across the curriculum; take away powerful classroom ideas for incorporating social class-related content; and get ideas for establishing positive relationships with working-class and poor families.

lundi 13 février 2012

evidence, impact?

If we really want to improve the relation between research, policy, and practice in education, we need an approach in which technical questions about education can be addressed in close connection with normative, educational, and political questions about what is educationally desirable.
The extent to which a government not only allows the research field to raise this set of questions, but actively supports and encourages researchers to go beyond simplistic questions about “what works” may well be an indication of the degree to which a society can be called democratic.

2- article
The social impact is the impact of the whole situation is that somehow will cause injury
the population. These events led to the creation of a scenario of instability and conflict.

samedi 11 février 2012


Here is a summary of the readings this week.

The human being is different from the animals for their ability to solve problems and through the written language and has a reflective consciousness.
The cultural evolution, is generational, is an important factor in the history of human communication and its system of signs and symbolic cognition, not to mention the diversity of cultural manifestations.
The management of knowledge implies an economy of information in numerical chaos.
Our commons goods are the Biosphere and the Noosphere
In this weave wires from the knowledge accumulated in the past and present direction in the future.
The philosophers cited include
Aristotle, Leibniz, Deleuze, Avicenna, Theilard de Chardin.
The sphere has the semantics principles and the algorithm signals.
The spherical shape thinking correlates the membrane that surrounds the complex transcultural and transdisciplinary that occurs in constant flux.

vendredi 10 février 2012



What code and decode after the Roseta Stone...
Let's talk about  languages and their origins, for ex. the Latin.

The transformation over time. For supression, but the idea IEML is aggregation.

metadados, meta traditions, metalanguage


universal knowledge

We live  in a world defined by spatial and temporal dimensions


mercredi 8 février 2012


P. Levy shown, in L' intelligence possible (pg. 19), a hexagon, which is a simple model of collective intelligence. With 06 independent poles help each other.

1 - Government ...
2 - documents, messages, signs
3 - communities ...
4 - physical and technological equipment
5 - arts and sciences ...
6 - competencies ...

the future of thought is the future of education

P. Levy Text

Inteligência coletiva. Espaço antropológico. Espaço do saber. Pierre Lévy from Voz de Milla on Vimeo.

Hypercortex, hypertext, hypermidia

mardi 7 février 2012

symbolic tradition or art of memory

Mexico's art

How to organize myself in a sea of information! great question. 
And more, as will be the symbolic representation that shows the differences arising from cultural diversity of the man in the face of cyberspace
Surface and interface.

See the images, differs of Kalachakra... 
will be only the interpretation or not...
P. Levy   tells us   that  
L’intelligence possible n’est autre que l’espace-temps symbolique ouvert par IEML dans le cyberespace, un espace-temps de la mémoire et de la cognition humaine dont l’exploration scientifique et la simulation automatique sont pratiquement ouverts à l’infini.

past and future II

I like the Greek myths, such as Pandora's box or Ariadne's thread.
A good text (hypertext) with links seem to be a maze.

What are the human aspects that my creations  can reveal.

I think the civilizations  behind  with the findings are a kind of background.
I retired the pencil and paper to the immaterial culture.
 Picasso could imagine the diversity of views in the process of animation from one screen.

Was there a proposal to ephemeral or not.
The author is no longer artist but also the engineers, computer programmers, technicians and me!
All frames are different. But the idea of the matrix is only of Picasso.
There are more viewers, we go out of inertia, Metamorphosis.

past and future -I

In 04 of 08 in 2011, I played with this device,  .
And now repeat without knowing where and how to find my first drawing! repeated and  there are the two drawings of my own, in Picasso at the parodies.
 Experience 1- here
Experience 2 - here
Repeated some points, yes!
In the recent past ( of course) what it could mean... I'm crazy , not! wait!

lundi 6 février 2012

will start in XXI century - II

Fish market - BR

Knowledge is not static and is necessary to know the dynamic aspect of this process.
Bourdieu has the merit to dispel the illusion that the school system is autonomous.
In his text < symbolic violence> Bourdieu talks about the violence and symbolic structure of class relations, mainly because the school is not a neutral space.
Freire, Saviani and  Perrenoud are theoretical  that influenced Education.
The technology used as a resource revitalize the function of the teacher with a change of the transmitter to the role of mediator.
New forms of access to information fosters new kinds of reasoning, Levy   advises the creation of new spaces and a new teaching approach favoring individual and collective learning network.

dimanche 5 février 2012

will start in XX century - I

Quenia's art

Before there was uncertainty camouflaged, the uncertainty is now visible. And must be accepted.
But habits are still entrenched.
Our history demonstrates our political differences.
Besides the traditional school with  Empiricism, the hierarchy and surveillance,
A New School (pragmatism) should be a project with participatory activities, but contributed to  elitism.
After 1964 there was a technocratic tendency.
Incorporate theories is not easy.
The challenges are many, among them the crisis of school and society, teacher's  formation , curriculum  and tic’s , a greater number of schools and teachers.

In the way found in Twentieth Century Piaget and Dewey where life experience and learning are not separate and the other spanish theoretical Ferrer, and Vygotsky. I dont forget  Deleuze e Guattari
From this point have strengthened the objectives, content and methodology, assessement, and from one side liberalism and the other side authoritarianism.
Referencia -
Aranha, Maria Lucia Arruda. Filosofia da Educação. 3ed. SP Moderna, 2006

vendredi 3 février 2012

dimensions of my experience

Remember these images and they are important.
But to define the part of my teaching experience