lundi 27 février 2012

week 25 Activities - I

1- This week S. Dowens makes all use active learning
2- And a broadening of knowledge - Conectivism

Artefact  is "An object produced or shaped by human craft, especially a tool, weapon, or ornament of archaeological or historical interest."
Artefacts of learning mobilizes students to the visibility of the process. (Constructionism) Here
I need a creative project for my students. Autonomy and creativity
In this week I don't want a blog or wiki, podcasts, videocasts.
Creative projects are activities to expand into the classroom to creat multi-modal learning (models and simulations) 
And I want a fun activity!

If I use the mobile technology, will be through the image, if I use the audition will be through the Ipod (Auditory analyzer), or pendrive (download archives)
To mobilize an audition, students will download a file with the criteria established for the activity.

I believe that our sense of vision is more accurate, often to the detriment of the audition. (Optical analyzer)
To image the activity with the student will be responsible for their choice, but to save the chosen theme.

and finally I must involve :

elements of language
pedagogy of conectivism

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