jeudi 23 février 2012


Geetha Nayaranan  

The goal of our slowness pedagogy is to generate more creative, more lyrical and the playful aspects of learning and represent it in the many languages of children - the languages of movement or music; the languages of colours or shapes; the languages of images and of forms; the language of sounds and of feelings.

The significance of color in Western culture differs from the Eastern culture, for example, red indicates prohibitions, corrections, hazard and risk.

Last week I attended a different meeting, where the groups were subdivided in practice into groups and sub groups.

The groups, outdoors, were about photography, theater, poetry, music and dance.(without technology, but with creativity)

The goal was to mobilize a greater sensitivity of the group in relation to teaching and learning.

The practice was a successful -  my conclusion, the experience mobilizes new proposals, but put into practice is daunting for many.

But no one learns new habits in one day!

2 commentaires:

  1. The main reason it's daunting is that it's new. Well - it's not new, it's the way we learn naturally, but it's new once you've experienced traditional learning.