dimanche 5 février 2012

will start in XX century - I

Quenia's art

Before there was uncertainty camouflaged, the uncertainty is now visible. And must be accepted.
But habits are still entrenched.
Our history demonstrates our political differences.
Besides the traditional school with  Empiricism, the hierarchy and surveillance,
A New School (pragmatism) should be a project with participatory activities, but contributed to  elitism.
After 1964 there was a technocratic tendency.
Incorporate theories is not easy.
The challenges are many, among them the crisis of school and society, teacher's  formation , curriculum  and tic’s , a greater number of schools and teachers.

In the way found in Twentieth Century Piaget and Dewey where life experience and learning are not separate and the other spanish theoretical Ferrer, and Vygotsky. I dont forget  Deleuze e Guattari
From this point have strengthened the objectives, content and methodology, assessement, and from one side liberalism and the other side authoritarianism.
Referencia -
Aranha, Maria Lucia Arruda. Filosofia da Educação. 3ed. SP Moderna, 2006

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