mardi 14 février 2012

Impact - II

My last article here. and here.  What is the evidence of impact? here and here

This is an interesting book, after all always question the application of technology with teachers and their contents.(here.)

Teachers'5 attitudes and beliefs also influence whether and how they integrate technology into their daily teaching plans (Ertmer, 200).

Many teachers simply do not believe that today's digital technologies will be any more effective than previous educational technologies promoted as solutions to educational problems.(Hattie, 2009)

- It is time for educational researchers and practitioners to collaborate in more effective approaches to solving educational problems.( Reeves, Change11)

at the site of University of Georgia College of Education against a workshop in 24.02
The other side of poverty in schools.

An intensive one-day workshop, participants will learn about the five principles for change to better meet the needs of working-class and poor students; develop research-based teaching practices sensitive to working-class and poor children and families; reflect on formative assessment of working-class and poor students across the curriculum; take away powerful classroom ideas for incorporating social class-related content; and get ideas for establishing positive relationships with working-class and poor families.

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