samedi 11 février 2012


Here is a summary of the readings this week.

The human being is different from the animals for their ability to solve problems and through the written language and has a reflective consciousness.
The cultural evolution, is generational, is an important factor in the history of human communication and its system of signs and symbolic cognition, not to mention the diversity of cultural manifestations.
The management of knowledge implies an economy of information in numerical chaos.
Our commons goods are the Biosphere and the Noosphere
In this weave wires from the knowledge accumulated in the past and present direction in the future.
The philosophers cited include
Aristotle, Leibniz, Deleuze, Avicenna, Theilard de Chardin.
The sphere has the semantics principles and the algorithm signals.
The spherical shape thinking correlates the membrane that surrounds the complex transcultural and transdisciplinary that occurs in constant flux.

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