lundi 30 janvier 2012

3 questions and 3 pictures

What happens when you leave students alone? (here)

If  he failed we can study alone!
The theme of this week would be CognitiveComputing, but was not able to participate. I went to the site Mooc and visited the page!

I chose to read School of Interactive Computing and Research Area - Human-Centered Computing & Cognitive Science. (here)

Human-centered computing focuses on the relationship between people and computing, how that relationship affects our lives, how we think about and use these machines, how they will enhance learning, and how we can make them more approachable, engaging and effective.

But these are very interesting information here. And here.
No doubt that people want to know about the health outcomes and follow the readings on the web without going to the doctor can have consequences, but also can increase knowledge of best practices.


When course participation moves out of a course shell and into blogs, how does that change the context of the course, the participation and the learning?

_ how does that change the context of the course, the participation and the learning.... An opening does not change the context of a course. A freedom and openness causes a range (diversity) of looks. And autonomy.

We need their skills but not their anger. how do we do ....

Motivate and seduce people who resist can be very difficult. Many are lost along the way. Do not get frustrated, a generation is different from the next!

the solution is to find a hook! something that will motivate them individually. Flexibility is a exercise!

2 commentaires:

  1. a hook to motivate people that almost always works is personal commitment: " OK I will do this, but only because: I like you / you do ask me / to please you. " It is a start ,,,

  2. I speak of a hook of interest beyond the emotional, if you know it and like it, let's start with that!!