mardi 31 janvier 2012

fast times and slow times of learning

Pimp my desk
 What did I learn in the #Change11 MOOC until now?
 What will I write for One Change a Day? 


I learned to think more freely,
I let my thoughts flow. Free.
This freedom does not involve a curriculum, but students are bound to think what others think of what they want, automatically.

Today one of them asked me , < what should I write the blog> and I told him to have freedom, he was responsible, he was the editor.
and he wrote!
And with it I let my thoughts flow as I do in Mooc.

This way he can understand the connections of thoughts, which are many, varied, but incredibly lead to a common point.(feedbacks)

I went to a exposure of industrial design. Finally they change the students' chairs. Great idea.

The walls of schools must also change. The walls are white screens where often put the answers to tests when the teacher did not explain well the content.
Individual seats not generate collaboration.

2 commentaires:

  1. Schools should celebrate differences. I know some schools where chairs are not uniform. Schools with room for nice things and beautiful colors. The look of a classroom is important for the inner life of thew students.