vendredi 27 janvier 2012

rhizomatic patchwork

I`m my circumstance...
Oscar Wilde, Barthes, Ortega

Jaap writes "The value of a texts does not depend on the author. The value of a text is not dependent on how many people do trust the text.  Critical reading of texts could be the heart of education. The value and trustworthiness of a text lies in the network of texts (not persons) it belongs to. ( Is experience and reality a sort of text?)" 
and I could to think about the giant ( post)  "Let me immediately acknowledge that using metaphors to illustrate an issue is often a minefield of elements that do not transfer well to the main focus, or elements that are interpreted differently."
times changed...
I like to reflect different moments in time. I like 20`s
I dont know , but I remembered the work of Ortega! ( This is not politics, but something much deeper than the above, the actual social organization of humanity)

exemples- Grécia, Wall Street, Egito ...Crowds and human masses

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