vendredi 20 janvier 2012

where`s my recipe book?

S. Dali - 

I am reading the words of Dave Snowden who scored many people in posts this week, "Do not give up on formal education, but interact with the 'real world' and read out side your subject."
I really enjoyed.
My learning style is free, I like to follow the images that appear in my mind.
The initial image was of a sculpture of  Dali.(old times)
During the exhibition, I thought:

1 - specialties that divide people in Education,

2 - the drawers of our unconscious as scars on our body and mind

3 - our availability schedules ordered

4 - knowledge and learning that are at the bottom of each drawer!

  I'm on another day reading the blogs of MOOC ..............
I read several blogs from A - Z  MOOC site. A nice ride on human diversity!

1 - beginning with the name of the blog.

2- posts and various interests

3 - post time (cyclical time or pointillist)

4- Persistence vs. Desistance

We are beautiful.

1-What is the certainty of what might be in each drawer?

2 - there is chaos in each one of us?

3 - what is the difference of their drawer of my desk drawer, since our body is one body?

4 - each head a world

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