lundi 23 janvier 2012

Read, watch and write - I

Humanity has made the mistake of different points of view isolating themselves into echo chambers of agreement — let's move away from this unhealthy practice  Respectful disagreements are the first step towards seeking solutions…(here)  

Read, write, this is my Mooc. I read JaapThe title of the post has the word epistemology. I always think about epistemology. Just yesterday I read and liked the epistemology based on Morin.
The chapter in the book points to the need to revise the look!
Or Re-vision!!
The current paradigm imprisons our mental model.
I think the crisis will be necessary to transpose and adopt the rationale of the principle of epistemological complexity and transdisciplinary perspective and also Nicolescu DellorsBarabasi....
But several readings lead us forward, a evolution, ( ) about MOOC ,  Flow of non- linear learning, and chance and choice etc.

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