mercredi 11 janvier 2012

no words about XXI century

I hope the best

 I'm out of words to write about my feelings between academia and cake recipe.
I do not think I can adapt myself to any more after learning MOOCA as part of my learning style.

This is a choice between academic and authentic!
 I like multiple perspectives and different points of view

"As universidades no Brasil trabalham ainda com uma distinção muito rígida e hierárquica entres suas três áreas de atuação mais fundamentais: pesquisa, ensino e extensão. Somente quando houver um entendimento de que essas três dimensões têm força e importância equivalentes, a questão da “divulgação” deixará de ser “menor” para a ciência. Faz parte do processo de pensar, de modo estrutural e não acidental, o compartilhamento dos saberes em busca de novas e melhores partilhas dos poderes."aqui

2 commentaires:

  1. Internet delivery of education not only distributes teaching across a larger area, it allows the flow of voices back to education. Many who are reached by the internet have no experience with school. WE have to learn a new way of communicating to understand what THEY have to tell us. It is as interesting as being in contact with people from another planet who are not "institutionalized" like our "normal" students are.

  2. I understand what you want to explain. But I wrote a metaphor! I do not want to talk because I do not agree with many things, especially with what happens in my work. But thank you for your attention and thank you for commenting on the blog of my students (about football)