vendredi 13 janvier 2012


I'm just a mentor for new teachers. That's it!
At the University, there are teachers... (I'm secondary teacher, rs) l.
In my group has 14 students and 02 tutors on-line and 01 face-to-face tutor.
We talked and diverge. I like the autonomy of students, but the face-to-face tutor (1 day per week) appreciates the old methods.

This image is the reflection in early 2010 and I need new ideas. This year, after the CCK11 MOOCA and other readings, I have implemented a blog for my students.
I have my fears? ! yes
Our area is not related to online, but face to face. All they need updated news.

I worry if my students do not create off the platform of the course.
Each student will learn digital literacy in 01 months.

The teachers knew little about the university's online teaching. Many still do not know. I `m very angry and impatient, but students are slow and patience is a good learning. I learned to take one step at a time! I know I'll do better, but only students will find positive results.

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