jeudi 24 novembre 2011

My students were born in the XXI century

LOL! how can we forget the tecnology..... it's impossible!

"...the social technologies underpinning Web 2.0 are fundamentally different in their dynamics.... offer benefits that significantly exceed the promise of their forebears." Jon Dron

I don't like the word "control" but I appreciate "choices"! Why the impossible happens more often!

" However, through assembly, soft technologies can bind together different hard technologies to make an overall system softer. No innate preference Pedagogies are technologies (Dron, 2009)."

But how to orchestrate (soft and hard) ... our differences may be the hardness of those born in XX century ..
And I know nothing about design technology
I like to think about technology and (good or bad) people of any age are kind of like a music box.
Within each person there are things soft and hard!
And we find difficult to manage this process.
This process is too heavy or hard.
what's your music, what's your tecnology, soft or hard..

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