vendredi 25 novembre 2011

I have an elephant in my living room

" But there is more to education than just the technologies: the elephant in the room here is the less tangible but most important stuff - not what is done but how it is done." J. Dron

I have an elephant in my living room

Jaap is my friend but just enjoy the pictures !!!!!
Does he think my problems or not!
It is hard ............. maybe. But I use Jaap as an example. Sorry Jaap!

I believe that in his classroom he seeks a balance, I also seek a balance. In looking for an orchestration.

I like the idea that Jon Drom wrote from the simple to the complex. Or soft-hard continuum.

"A machine can be programmed to play an instrument 'perfectly' or to draw a 'perfect' picture, but that's not really what we seek."

But many teachers like to perfection as if children in their learning process does not fail.

" Human processes can be hard too" (J. Dron) or " It depends on your point of view Hardness and softness are not innate characteristics of objects and processes." (J. Dron)
I like this slides,


Transformation -
Redefinition, Modification
Enhancement -

Augmentation, Substitution

Pedagogy, content, technology

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