jeudi 15 septembre 2011


I am dismayed at the first week!
I need a Quadrant to read so much information.
I will try to follow the strategy that some people, Vanessa, Simoes and Jaap ....
I'm scared of the possible tensions by trying to read and write possible, but mainlyhave to understand the diversity of people and their  point views.
Siemens-Blog I read your ideas. Create images and concept maps. Try to makea short videoCreate. Share.
  It looks easy.......... but I never go to a Web session, I never watch the videos!
The translations of texts in PDF are harder!
I'll try to share more of the FB group in Spanish!
But there are other interesting points:

-diversity of individual perspectives
-managing their own learning
 -the flow of information (my God)
-Interaction: The idea that knowledge is the network ..

Soon I need a quadrant, a compassbinoculars, a map,

2 commentaires:

  1. Glad to meet you here in #Change11.
    When you will have made your quadrant, I would like to use it to find my position.

  2. Hi Jaap, Thanks ! yes, I'm late, but .......