mardi 13 septembre 2011

the weight or the force

Is it valid to relive the experience ... I do not know.
But no doubt some points should be news.  The perspective of Time (SDowens)!
Are interesting examples  . Maybe a look at 08 hours per week.
-1 hour posts 
-Forums 2 hours (my students do not spend this time, the answers are alwaysunsalted and unsweetened)
-wiki 2 hours ( I could never work in wikis with my students)
-3 hours and more subdivided in web conferences and more visits to blogs and possible answers and some time to twitter and FB
01 hours weekly, the funny thing is that in debates on all, about   the time,  criticizing the use of one hour daily.
Siemens already in talks about a minimum of 30 minutes daily.
In my last participation does not give much importance to the process ofinformation management. (Delicious ...)

<when Newton was working on the concept of force and shifted from talking, thinking, writing about objects pushing and pulling each other to the word 'force' to describe these actions.> jennymackness

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