mardi 6 mars 2012

MOOC and schools

This week I answer to a survey of Liz, and the month of January I answered to another survey. Always will be hard to explain Mooc, because everyone wants answers that are similar to the responses of old research. The questions are also very similar to the known research.

Today I'm reflecting with readings of my friends Mooc.  I read the Siemens  that people still fall within Change11 but few are writing.
After the CCK11 felt immense freedom in letting go my thinking on the issues. Last week a friend asked me why I wrote every day,  I get tired of people.
But I write for myself and not for people. If by chance our opinions are optimal, approximate, it will be very good.
In the last day to think back the difference between participating and interacting.
Jaap writes that there was no goal, and I also do not write about goals.
Scott wrote on my blog about research into dance, thanks.
This Sunday I visited a school and I was depressed. the spaces seemed to be the zoo cages.
But what I learned, I think the appendix faster, my responsibility to know about the digital literacy of my students.

Thanks Stephan.

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