mercredi 25 janvier 2012

week 20

University 1.0
1-This week is on the role of technology in disrupting the very idea of a learning community
2-We have seen in the 20 weeks of Change 11 the ways in which individuals and groups who have never met each other collaborate, argue, and establish systems of recognition and rewards.
3- Blogs, virtual seminars, OpenStudy  makes it easy for groups of students who are studying the same material at the same time to find each other, set up collaboration spaces, and both create and spend social capital as they learn and help others to learn.

The blogs in my experience planned for 2012 can not be considered an opening of the University.
I avoid writing about the beginning of this experience, because at any moment it may cease to exist.
None of this happens by magic, and central to the idea of social networks is the idea of a network. YES, that’s true.
I can ‘t think of research groups, my goal will still be the knowledge of social networks and digital literacy.
I like this post!

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