samedi 7 janvier 2012

Students are critical?

Being "critical and reflective " in Education brings various conceptualizations.
In higher education may be dependent on the area, where the perspective of the speaker is different, mainly because in addition to personal positions, the focus of the teacher is the discipline that is taught.
There is undoubtedly a union of groups in any collegiate course that generates a common direction, but peppered with personal reflections.
But the questions in the reflective face or distance learning, should have a greater emphasis from the student, as well as experience with philosophical reflections that happened in my experience and my students of distance education were participatory.

Moments to reflect on three critical and reflexive action
1 What happens during a search on websites or articles
2 The education that occurs when learning in class, at any level.
Another requirement is the habit of repeatedly asking questions, even obvious: Why?Why not? What do you / he / she thinks? What is the evidence? How convincing is it?What reasons can there be to bias?
Also essential: a life-long learning on how to analyze the issues, their own and others and how to seek answers
3 What happens to have a critical reflection in light of the issues that arise during thecourse or cross-cutting themes and how new teachers should pay attention to this detail
In blog posts from the past:
The learning as happening? What worked? what was important? Would use again? Ievaluated? I efficient?
In  posts in relation to the present:
What fits with the curriculum? How learning happens now? I am effective? Where can I improve?
In posts about the future:
What are my strengths? How will I re-use this knowledge for the future today?

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