mercredi 4 janvier 2012

orchestration of credibility

digital literacy

This week at # change11 deepen knowledge about literacy.
Many interesting words: goodinfo, badinfo, credibility, critical stance, urban legends and rumors.
As metaphors words thermometer and speedometer are important.
In addition to teaching and learning about the tools to be aware of five skills in times of social networks, mobile and always online:
attention, to detect the trash (spam), collaboration, participation and networking know-how.
Quality control of the content published mainly have critical thinking or critical reflection and this is a personal skill.
In addition to teaching my students using the tools and the system of encoding and decoding, I need the basics of search and detect what is important or is garbage.
Investigate before accepting anything.
Before - Who is the author?
Now - Who owns the site!

The suggestion to check (minimum)  three links is great.
Much more important is to know the power of expression in a sea of ​​information that can sometimes be contradictory .

But I have one question: what is the opinion of Rheingold on The Wisdom of Crowds, in the next post.

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