jeudi 26 janvier 2012

Week 20 - II

1- The process of self-organizing *is* the process of learning.
(S. Dowens)

We think  knowledge from the individual, but learning was transmitted  and the learner recognized that learning. In XXI century knowledge has arisen with the crowd (social networks) and learning  from the individual.

My goals-
guide the learning of literacy and media
encourage transparency
digital citizenship

I observe that - Cartesian roots are being modeled by an action multi-temporal (physical + virtual space)

I like the concept of rhizomatic community, the concept of student as a knowledge worker and teacher who observes the time of each student.

Networks offer diversity of ideas

People May to choose from Dozens Hundreds of television channels, Thousands of
videos, millions of books, CDs, and multimedia, interactive documents on the World
Wide Web, and seemingly Countless other consumer items in catalogs or Presented
advertisements in one medium or another.

By learning literacy students can answer questions-
  -Whose preferences are used, Whose preferences are used, What incentives are there for people to offer preferences, What is the form of a preference? How are preferences represented

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