mardi 20 décembre 2011

Reading Blogs #change11

My professional activity includes the following pillars and there can be no privilege, which are: leisure, sport, health and culture of body movement.
As we face the challenge of a bimodal course in distance education, we present instances that should not exclude these future teachers with updated knowledge and that makes reference to web2.0.
This Pedagogy applied may increase the knowledge of prospective teachers as learners of the XXI century.
The initial difficulty is that a distance learning differs from classroom teaching because there is no centralization in the figure of the teacher, or a change in a "power", promoting a initial disorientation. The contents are no longer just "duplicate" (retransmission without the least difference) by the students, but, remixed, transformed, and which is projected to experience a new student guide to colleagues.
Important to note that there is the field of digital tool that will lead the student to be independent, but their curiosity and desire to build a connection between what they do professionally with what is currently offered with digital technology and theirthoughts will be exhibited through writing or other language.
The Blog brings the joint use by a student of pictures, text, video, audio, interviewsand live performances. Thus the artifacts created to foster a sense of  learning,reflect the experience and broaden the understanding of the concepts learned.
As well as these allow the artifacts created act of  "progress" (carried forward) due to sharing of knowledge to others.
The path that the student must travel to orient itself without the constant presence of the teacher outlines the challenge of training teachers in modern times of fragmentation, of information, where we some consistency.
The freedom of the student seeks the support of Learning Theories (Constructivism,Connectivism, Cognitivism ...)
Finally, make sense of what will make connections to learning and its application through discussion forums, analogies, examples, games and different languages.
The curriculum content provides grants for solid experience to be experienced in practice or in academic writing. The collaborative approach mobilizes the ideas written, motivates the group and provides access to opinion polls. The choice of the blog is original and should lead the student into a wiki experience.
But the blog will be able to showcase their individual personal interests, together with the distance learning course. Thus there will be able to teach himself (in post, the choice of subject, the appropriateness of curriculum content that comes from (in their own independent thinking) and you learn as a group (and comments on the original platform debates at the Forum and that these discussions do not are superficial.)

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