jeudi 8 décembre 2011

Imagination before thinking

Zenós Frudakis (Liberdad)

Have you ever dreamed of gum? Have you ever dreamed with a glue and you're free?

In some cases it is an indication that you are out of orbit!!

"...addressing the epistemology of learners..."(C. Quinn) I like it.

OSGEMEOS - the man who  thought before thinking

The experience of the curriculum in compartmentalized disciplines that have no connection is discouraging.
My students need to contribute what they know, or imagine before thinking!
"'s in the Nature of our cognitive architecture to have some randomness" (C. Quinn)

I work  and I look for activities in informal settings to extend the connections of my students.
I think to expand the possibilities.

The learning organization role would then be one of Facilitating this process of Developing roles, competencies and curricula.(C. Quinn)

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