jeudi 22 décembre 2011

About curriculum...

Curriculum is not a line. The curriculum is not a circle that repeats itself.

It can be a spiral?
One of the options for curriculum integration, and that never makes the schools at any level, is the attempt to integrate knowledge during the course, all excel in separate, disassemble, disintegrate the content studied, repeating the old mold.
How knowledgeable of the new curriculum in place, beyond the experience in dealing with students of three levels of education, transit easily between the various (most) disciplines.
The great advantage is that it got stuck to almost any specialty, never sailed long on familiar waters, which was a great joy, because the debate widened, with the students, the support shafts that formed at university.
Thus, by exercising the tutoring, I am cognizant of the need to combine knowledge and ideas of the new curriculum. I am not a guardian of a single discipline, when in fact the author is an expert teacher, tries to stability in certain areas of your choice.
The mentoring that I am part, implies a more extended, and can not be effected by a tutor that although teacher is not aware of the involvement in higher education.
Being a teacher at the college level in the new curriculum and distance education is complex. Most tutors are not prepared.
What invalidates and creates confusion in dealing with the activities.
But is new curriculum?

Or not?

CURRICULUM is (for me) the selection made by the student to life your profissional life

Each  discipline is supported by several authors, theory, ideas, research.
And the students include their experiences, new thoughts and learning and be able to be flexible in the future.

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