mardi 1 novembre 2011

how to revise...

patterns (cck11 vs change11)

I'm late.
My participation in cck11 was important.
I am reflecting about the differences, because I’m work with distance education and are important points to differentiate -

1-Constructivism vs. Connectivism

2-Collaboration vs. Cooperation

3-cck11 vs change11

John'sblog has helped me a lot.

1- constructivist learning is situated, social learning with formative assessment, in connectivism create meaning from their own experience and connections are important sources of information, increasing the digital literacy and critical thinking.

3- cck11 provided the knowledge point to position myself in the chaos, there was a  personal focus.
change11 has an amplitud, provides the basis of information on what is changing in the education systems and resources necessary reflection on the open source and universities proved slow in this process.

2- A important knowledge was to change the label immigrants and native for residents and visitors.

Stephan Dowens

group is colaboration  and network is cooperation.

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