lundi 3 octobre 2011

Ideas or making sense

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Last week everyone talked about Digital Scholar and Public engagement with diversity of  ideas.
Today the first reading made me reflect on  Collective learning with Co-creative engagement.
This is diferent of Collaborative learning.
Knowledge creation and collective learning are interesting points. But is necessary to redefine the words -  collaborate and cooperate or  collective and individual.

The cooperation is dependent on processes of discovery, synthesis and sharing of fragmented (tacit and explicit) knowledge. And the Collective learning is framed by a number of societal and technological trends:

1- knowledge is becoming increasingly openly available for problem solving and learning and create new meanings. Need connections across people, teams, organizations, communities, and societies as well as the relationships,
3- Becoming competent could be viewed as the ability to perceive the links between these loosely related knowledge fragments (Falconer, 2008; Siemens, 2005).
4- Complex problem solving requires learners to have flexible responses which could not have been anticipated (Nardi, Whittaker and Schwarz, 2000).

By working on a similar goal, people with expertise in different domans collaboratively build knowledge using a social media tools.

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