dimanche 9 octobre 2011


Yes, .....! 

Fragmentation of knowledge is different of fragments of knowledge.
Fragmentation means that the more separate than united.
But we used fragments of our knowledge with others we will be expanding our collective learning.
Connect the fragments of knowledge in the ecosystem of open and participatory learning enables the creation of meaning.
The strength of bond that unites us is the social objects.

2 commentaires:

  1. #change11: Perhaps the greatest task of new age education is to confirm/reassure/convince/ each student of the value of his/her own fragment .... of the potential of that fragment to be the missing piece in someone else's bigger picture. Holding back may mean that other person's moment of understanding will be lost. Contribution may result in an exquisite new pattern or trajectory.

  2. hello, thank you for your participation. RSI and I'm not writing every day.
    yes, I think the same.
    The problem for the student to leave the reflection free.
    and questioning, I know about ... or what I remember ...
    and not be afraid.