lundi 19 septembre 2011

week 2 Eye on Learning #change11

tablet and mobile

< It can take learning right into the home, workplace andcommunity. It can be spontaneous and portable, unobtrusive and ubiquitous. Most of all,it can take educators in the ODL environment one step nearer to achieving “any time,anywhere” learning.> (Zoraine Wati Abas)

< Still at the planning stage, the idea of using tablet computers makes sense as through these devices, not only will course information and learning materials be more easily accessible, the learner will also benefit from other useful applications supported by such devices.>

First my goals on the tablet-(no student of mine has tablet)
1 - ease of movement among the students in their practices, with the wi-fi.
2 - greater ease and portability in my bag
  but to learn about the eyes still find myself at the stage of digital photos and shortmovies.

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